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The JMB Difference is About Quality and Value

What sets a John Maher Builders community apart is the quality craftsmanship of each home along with the standard features included. The interior of a JMB home includes a number of features that do not raise the cost of the home to include real wood floors, granite countertops, birch hardwood cabinets, ceramic tiled floors, and much more.

From left to right, Jack Maher, Liz Maher, John Maher & Margie Maher

Our Building Process

  • We use 2″ x 12″ girders for added strength in crawl space and slab foundation.
  • Bottom plates are bolted to the floors on 4-foot centers then set in cement, not strapped with metal strips.
  • 2″ x 10″ Floor joists on 16-inch centers.
  • 3/4″ inch Toung and Groove plywood floors. The decking is glued, nailed, and then screwed to the floor joists to minimize the chance of floor squeaks.
  • Each home is hand-built, one board at a time. Some builders buy pre-built walls and ceilings to save on time and money.
  • Rafters are also placed 16 inches on centers for added integrity.
  • Copper plumbing is installed below grade as opposed to using plastic CPVC.
  • Metal duct systems are used and then insulated to minimize heat and cool transfer.
  • Dampers are installed to allow homeowners access to shut off heating and cooling to areas of the home to save them money.
  • Thermal pane windows are trimmed out in wood around and under each window.
  • Insulation is stuffed into small openings throughout the home to prevent outside air infiltration.
  • Steel closet rods and wood shelves are used in place of less expensive wire racks.
  • Every home is wrapped in durable OSB. This adds to the integrity of the home and also minimizes drafts.
  • Detailed pre-inspections and orientations are implemented on every sale.

Awards and Recognition

After-Sale Service

After we sell a home we want to be sure our customers are fully satisfied with their product. At JMB, we go above and beyond the industry standard with a comprehensive one-year warranty on all of our homes to include coverage on:

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information on warranties or file a warranty request.

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