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A woman sitting at a small modern white desk in her home office, pointing at her computer screen as she talks on the phone.

How to Create the Ultimate Home Office

Over the last two years, we’ve seen home offices become the norm across many households. Home offices allow people to work more efficiently and comfortably when designed properly. As a professional, having a well-organized space is important to productivity and performance. The following tips will help create an inviting and functional space for everyday use.

Choose a Quiet Space

Locate a space in your home free of distractions and interruptions. This is especially important if your job requires you to be on the phone. Concentration is critical in any position. Pick a room that best supports your undivided attention.

Purchase Comfortable Furniture

Don’t settle for the kitchen table or living room couch when it comes to your workspace. Purchase a desk and invest in a nice office chair. After all, this is where you’ll spend the majority of your day.

Add a Splash of Color

Color affects your mood and emotional response. Opt for more natural colors such as off-whites and earthy tones like greens and blues. Choosing clean, light, and airy colors can lift your spirits and improve your work ethic.

Let in the Light

Natural light is a great mood enhancement that will help you feel more awake and energized, leading to higher levels of engagement and productivity. Plus, the extra dose of vitamin D is beneficial to your well-being as it improves your quality of sleep and mindset throughout the day.

Stay Organized

A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind. Staying organized will ensure you stay on top of tasks and priorities. Store your files in a filing cabinet or desktop organizer. Label and categorize important documents, so they are easily accessible.


Fill your space with inspiration. Your office space should reflect who you are and what motivates you. Think wall art, plants, quotes, and photographs. Adding personal touches will help boost your productivity and create an inviting space that serves as an extension of your personality and creativity.

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