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Wood panel vaulted covering on outdoor gathering area of new home

How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Space

I don’t know about you, but the warmer weather has us excited about spending as much time as possible outdoors. It also has us thinking about getting that deck, patio, or porch entertainment-ready for those family barbecues and relaxing evenings under the stars.

Wondering where to start? Let us help by providing you with a little inspiration and guidance.

Decide How You Want to Utilize the Space

Aside from a place to unwind, many people use their outdoor space as a place to entertain, cook, or dine with guests. Once you determine the purpose of your space, you will be better equipped to pick out furniture.

Top view of old friends reunion outside on a wooden deck. Happy seniors making a toast during their celebration.

What’s Your Look and Feel?

Determine your aesthetic. Do you prefer a more rustic vibe or a modern minimalist approach? Your outdoor space should reflect your personality and feel like an extension of your home’s interior.  

Determine Your Layout

While you’re deciding on how you want to use and decorate your space, start planning the layout given the amount of space you’re working with. Knowing how much space you have will determine the furniture, décor, and fixtures you choose to purchase.

Make the Most Out of Your Surroundings

If you have a beautiful flower garden or swimming pool, create an inviting seating arrangement which overlooks the attraction. Hedges and trees allow shade and privacy. Keep your company out of the sun by arranging furniture accordingly. No view? Create a focal point and arrange your layout around that.  

Hard landscaping, new luxury stone patio and garden of an English home, UK

Create Ambiance

Your outdoor space should be comfortable and inviting. Lights have the power to give your space a moody feel in the evening hours. Consider adding candles, lanterns, strung lights, or a fire to create that perfect summer night ambiance.

How will you choose to design and entertain your outdoor space this season?

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