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Tennessee Ranks Amongst Top Destinations for Retirement

Tennessee is more than just a vacation destination. The Volunteer State has become a major hub for transplants of all ages. Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle or prefer to take life at a slower pace, Tennessee provides a picturesque landscape paired with a mild climate, urban conveniences, and rural tranquility. All of which make the state a top choice for retirees across the country in search of a new place to live out their golden years.

Why Are Retirees Flocking to Tennessee?

Affordable Cost of Living

One of the greatest advantages of living in Tennessee is the low cost of living in comparison to other states. While some cities in Tennessee are more affordable than others, Tennessee is still relatively inexpensive to live in, largely due to its lack of state income tax.

Favorable Tax Rates

In Tennessee there is no capital gains tax on your retirement income. That means if you have a pension from another state or living off your 401k income, you’ll have a little more cash in your pocket living in Tennessee. Property taxes are also on the lower end.

Better Climate

Tennessee gives its residents a taste of all four seasons. While the North is used to frigid winters and the South to sweltering heat, Tennessee offers a nice blend of both with much milder winters and less humid summers.

Scenic Views

Known for its rolling hills, farms, Smoky Mountains, and lakes scattered throughout the state, Tennessee offers several scenic landscapes that are sure to take your breath away right from your own backyard.

Southern Hospitality

Many cities and towns still embrace that small-town feel that attracts transplants from all over. People take care of their neighbors, pitch in when disaster strikes, and treat each other with kindness and respect.


Live music is easy to come by just about anywhere. The same goes for farmer’s markets, festivals, and sporting events. Whatever your choice of entertainment might be, you’re never too far from where the action is.


Tennessee’s scenic landscapes provide the perfect backdrop for outdoor recreation. Between hiking, fishing, kayaking, or golfing, you’ll never be bored.

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