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Jennifer and Shawn Berger

Dear Mr. Maher and Mr. Maher,

We are both born and raised in Southern California and raising our 4 young kids in a small town in Ventura County. We’ve never explored the south and were excited to venture to Tennessee in hopes of the possibilities of relocating our family of 6. Over the last 19 years together we chatted about leaving California but didn’t know where or when we could go.

This past weekend we decided it was time to venture out and jumped on an airplane without our kids for a few days to explore Mid Tennessee.
We heard that the Spring Hill area was affordable and a wonderful place to raise a family.
Without a job opportunity and the uncertainty of future endeavors we found a wonderful real estate agent who willingly drove us around properties and new builds. Our goal was to see as much as we could in a short amount of time and get a feeling of what Tennessee was all about.
Our very first stop was to Brixworth Seven; which is where we were so lucky to meet Katie Tomberlin.

Katie is utterly amazing, incredible in every way, poised, kind, knowledgeable, professional and charismatic.
From the moment she greeted us we were amazed and stunned by her patience, kindness and understanding of the process and her pride in her job and the work of John Maher Properties. We were just amazed by Katie and blown away by the quality and details of the homes you produce.

Our time with Katie was the best part of our day. Her energy stayed with us all day long and each person we met throughout the day never came close to our experience with Katie. She is in a league of her own. We spent a long day of house hunting and exploring to understand and see the surrounding areas. But we both felt this immediate need to see Brixworth Seven again before we left and to see Katie. She welcomed us back with open arms and went on to spend so much more time with us so we could re look at all the models and available lots. We fell in love with the Sugar Ridge Model. It was later in the day when we returned and close to closing time on a Saturday night but you would never have known the time of day. Katie was happy to spend the time continuing our exploration and answering every single question we may have had. She is just phenomenal.

Katie is truly an asset to you and your company- she is a shining bright star who proudly represents you and your homes.

We have just arrived back home to Los Angeles and our minds are racing with so much to consider. The quality of your homes were far more superior than any we have ever seen and Katie has made an incredible impact on our lives.

Please thank her for us and let her know that we think she is extraordinary- just like the homes you build.

Thank you so much,
Jennifer and Shawn Berger

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