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Norma Higgins

We had been casually looking at house listings that our real estate agent was sending to us. Nothing really captured our interest until the ad for a John Maher house in a new subdivision in the Columbia area came through. My husband was the first to drive by to see if it would be something we’d be interested in enough to look at the interior. Oh, yeah!! Lol! He came back home, got me, then we contacted our agent for a showing. Not more than a week later, we were buying a house!! We are SO HAPPY with the quality and beauty of this house!! And especially happy with a single story house with all the amenities this one has!! Not having heard of John Maher prior to this, we were delighted to find out how respected a builder that he is! If, we ever have to leave here, we’ll be most definitely looking into buying another one of his houses.

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